The Official Pro League Rules following the eSports official rules :

This event is subject to strict Global Strike ProLeague rules and regulations. Teams that do not comply with these rules and regulations risk of being disqualified from competition at any time. We want to ensure the highest level of professional PC eSports competition All teams going through qualification process will be required to deliver requested screenshots as stated in Rules and Regulations.

1.Refuse to follow the instructions of a tournament official.

2.Arrive late at the time of convocation.

3.Challenging the decision of a tournament official.

4.Use offensive language.

5.Be guilty of unsporting behavior.

6.Receive more than one warning.

7.Be guilty of violent acts.

8.Cheating or using an unfair process.

9.Lying or misleading a tournament official.

10.Violate the rules.


➡️The Tournament will go on Defuse mode using GP Weapons( primary , secondary , thrown weapon ) and chars , the knife could be random , and to not worry we will be giving CDK with armors and pliers for all players who need in the room .  

➡️We will adjust the channel ping and make some freeze and crash fix on 19 June and 6 July to reduce the lag and ram consumption in the game .

➡️All match are streamed on YouTube with commentator and mods in the room .
➡️We will be holding a Live Anti cheat , Anti spam , IP Tracker and over-watch during the battle .
➡️The tournament include 5 parts : Round 1 , Round 2 , Semi Finals , Rank 3 , Finals .

➡️To avoid any kind of piloting , after the Round 1 we will be recording each player IP and bind it into your name in our data , If we found this IP used to login and play in other account for other team an explanation will be expected and the player will be disqualified including the clan.  

➡️We have include list of specific weapons allowed to play below , Knifes are random . 

 🛑Any player caught using a wall hack , Aimbot or other cheat he will be banned and his clan will be disqualified instantly .
We will hold bets event during the tournament as well . 

 🛑Piloting is not allowed for any reason we will be tracking IP address and monitor of each player and save it in our data after round 1 , if we find this details used to login other character the player will be disqualified to play from any more team and the clan will risk for disqualify as well ( only for extreme reason must clarify for the staff ) 

🛑Any Kind of violation of rules in the room and using different weapons and chars will risk of disqualify after 1 warning only. 

🛑Insulting other team and bad language usage will risk of chat ban .

🛑We will be totally strict with the teams only the 6  players registered in the doc are allowed to play other then this will kick from room .

🛑You need level 30 and above to be allowed to join the competition . 

Contact US in Discord

Mobile Virtual Player

The rewards and ranking will be devised separately ,  any clan who lost before the semi finals will be eliminated and he will get a small participation reward for his 6 participated players . 

After reaching the semi finals , the loser of each division will fight the other over the Rank 3 , the winners will be qualified to the finals and they will fight for Rank 1 and Rank 2 . 

We will be rewarding the top 3 clans special prize for there skills and great fight , also the MVP best player will be rewarded as well . 

The Mobile virtual Player will get a exclusive reward due of  his rare skills and efforts he do all over the battles . 

This rank count on : Clutches , Defuse or plant the bomb , killing the enemy side and survive the match , tactics and plans and aim . 

The MVP is the most player attractive with his skills and efforts in match that will attract the GSPL staff and give him the ultimate medal . 


Map Preview

Desert II


 The Design of this map is based on the famous defusal map, dust 2 in Counter Strike. The open area allows players to use all kinds of weapons here. 

Live Preview

Battle Zone


 The complex street fighting and fast-paced battle take place in on narrow street. 

Live Preview

Nuke Base


 The Storm Union planned to raid the secret nuclear base to obtain the newly developed nuclear weapons. However they didn't know a group of ambushing soldiers was waiting for them. 

Live Preview

Train Station


 The train station is the local transportation hub. The military supplies are also what the Storm Union and Strike Force fight for. 

Live Preview



  Keep the key feature of the popular map, Inferno in Counter Strike. The new map has changed its scene style and made some changes. This map is suitable for Explosion Fights, Team Deathmatch Fights, Deathmatch Fights and other combat modes. 

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Lost Town


 This is a remote island that is home to thugs. 

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➡️The Played Map :

-Desert II ( Dust II from CSGO) 

-Nuke base ( Nuke From CS GO )

-Station ( Train From CS GO )

-Lost Town ( Mirage from CS GO ) 

-Factory ( Inferno From Cs go ) 

-Battle Zone  


➡️The Map Selection System:

-Team B removes one of the 6 maps; 

-Team A removes one of the remaining 5 maps.

-Team B removes one of the 4 remaining maps. 

-Team A removes one of the 3 remaining maps.

-Team B chooses one of the 2 remaining maps.  

-Last Map Will be played.

➡️The sides will be chosen depending on knife round. 

Allowed Weapons


  • AK47
  • Ak47-A
  • Galil
  • M4a1
  • M4a1-A
  • AUG
  • AN94
  • type 95
  • AR15

SMG and Machine gun

  • MP5 
  • P90 
  • UMP45
  • MP40 

  • M249


  • AWP   
  • LR4 Special 
  • SSG0
  • Scout









Flash Bomb

Molotov Cocktail

Smoke bomb ( will be added soon)


  •  M1887
  •  Xm1014
  •  M3