Event List🎃

Dear Strikers,

Halloween is coming 🥰 in that occasion we will be hosting some special events and benefits here is the list :

- Mystery sound event🤫

- Photoshop event ✨

- Halloween haunted house  🏚 

- Pack give away 🎁

➡️The events will be open automatically shown in the page following the schedule already announced in Facebook,


Halloween 2019 Gold bonus 🎉🎊

Dear Strikers ,

As the new Halloween celebration , we will be holding again the gold bonus benefits based on the gold you spend. 😍

Duration ⏳ (24 hours) : Gold Bonus  [s1 - s2]🕓 [ Oct 16th 10PM PDT at the check in time to Oct 17th 10PM PDT until the second day check in time ],  [ Oct 16th 7AM UTC + 2 at the check in time to Oct 17th 7AM UTC+2 until the second day check in time ] 

During this time any amount of gold you spend in your account you can get extra 25% more benefit gold ( example if you spend 10000 gold you can get 2500 for free during that day )  

📌This special event is released as the players request and take consideration for the amount of gold that the player spend on the limited duration.

📌The extra gold benefits will be sent within 48 hour after the event end ( Again the event is based on the amount of gold you spend to buy stuff in game not you top up ) 

Best Regards ~ ☕️


NGames Team 🌹


Mystery Sound Event 🧟‍♀️

 Here is the Halloween sound event 🧟‍♀️, they are a unknown weapon hidden in the Haunted house in the video below waiting to be reviled ☺️, Try to help Bieber to discover this weapons 🤗 

Rules of participation 🤔

➡ listen to the video and try to guess the hidden 2 weapons from there sounds

➡ After listenting carefully to the video submit your answer in the following tab

📌Note: we will pick up randomly 10 lucky winners and give rewards worth 1000 gold 💰🎆

Hallowen Mystery Weapon Event 🧟‍♀️ [s1 - s2]🕓[Oct 11th 00:00 ~ Oct 18th 24:00 (UTC+0)]

You are all set!

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Haunted House Competition 🏚

Dear Strikers,

Are you ready for the creepy challenge? 🥶We will be holding a new special event, the Halloween haunted house, based on your good observation and attention all you have to do is to have a visit to the haunted house 🧟‍♀️ and try to find out and discover the chars,items and weapons that they are showed twice in 2 different places.

Rules of participation:

➡️Watch the video contest preciously and try to discord the characters and items that they are being repeated twice in 2 different slides.

➡️The chars and weapons are in ghost mode.

➡️-The stuff are hidden in the House container and garden only.

➡️Once you catch all chars\weapons repeated twice in 2 different shows go to the submit button and send your answer.

➡️All players who participate in the event will get a reward based on the number of discovery he got.

➡️The player who successfully catch all repeated object will win reward worth 5000 gold ( the reward currency will decrease with the numbers of 100\100 winners as the same rules in Quiz event) 💰

➡️Each missed answer will reduce a point as well as the wrong extra answers.

❗️❗️Note please the video might contain some scary scenes so please take precautions before watching the video.

After watching the video and collecting all the answers you got please press the button below to participate and submit your answers.

The results will be sent after the event end.

[The video and the submit button will be available when the event start ] 


PhotoShop Competition ✨🎃

Dear warriors,

Take part in our Photoshop competition by building a great picture of Global Strike halloween theme, show us your creativity! Use any editing programs to create your fantastic Global Strike photo! the most popular photos will win great prizes!

1. Stealing photos from other participants is not appreciated and you will get disqualify.
2. Design a Global strike photo by your own in a Halloween Theme.
3. The quality of your images must be 720p or higher.
4. Your photo must contain the Global Strike logo.
5. You are able to upload 1~3 pics once you done submit your answer including your IGN and server

[s1 - s2]🕓[Oct 16th 00:00 ~ Nov 6th 24:00 (UTC+0)] 

Here is a Global Strike folder full of images that you can use to participate in the event:

6. We will pick you 5 winners having the best design and reward them an exclusive prize.

7.Here is a file link that include some chars and example with no background that you can use in your picture.!641EQCyS!nRvQqNbRoNDmCKGEI-NjXA 

~ Sincerely,
Global Strike Team💋

After finish preparing your picture you can submit it in the following button including your IGN and server.

The Event is open you can submit your answer now! 

Pack Give away 🎁

Dear Strikers,

We will be providing as well a free pack give away to all players that include some weapon and stamina and other stuff.

We hope that you have enjoyed all the events showed up.

Regards ~☕️
GS Team 🌹 

Have an issue ?

If you have any issue or inquiry please contact us directly in discord we are 24\7 available.